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Dog Training / Behavior Consulting

Adrienne Caldwell Dog Training and Behavior Center specializes in the behavior modification and rehabilitation of dogs with any and all behavioral issues using gentle, calming methods that go beyond the principles of positive reinforcement and strive toward behavioral goals through clear communication, understanding and a relationship of mutual respect between dog and owner.

Behavior Modification

Private consultations are available for any and all behavior issues {including but not limited to dog/human aggression, other dog aggression, on-leash reactivity, resource guarding, trigger specific fears, separation anxiety, hyperactivity and shyness) and are held in your home (or at the problem specific environment depending on the nature of the issue being addressed).

Basic Obedience

Private consultations are also available for puppy, adolescent and adult or senior dog specific issues.

Puppy Package - Our Puppy Package is perfect for the first time owner overwhelmed with mouthing, destructive chewing, housebreaking, leash pulling, hyperactivity and other puppy specific concerns.

Adolescent Dog Package - Our Adolescent Dog Package is perfect for the owner overwhelmed with the same issues as those of a puppy and other concerns specific to an adolescent dog and/or an adult dog newly adopted from a rescue or animal shelter.

Senior Dog Package - Our Senior Dog Package addresses senior dog issues including the behavioral aspects of managing spay and age related incontinence, hearing or vision loss, dementia. severe arthritis, etc.

All packages cover the use of command training to help your puppy or dog relax in gradually increasing levels of distraction.

NO choke, prong or electric collars. NO leash-jerk corrections. NO outdated alpha-dominance theories. NO excessive reliance on treats (use of treats in training can lead to stress in dogs).


The rate for problem behavior solving and/or Basic Obedience consultations is $175.00 per hour. A package of three sessions is $450.00 ($150.00 per session x 3 = a total savings of $75.00). A package of six sessions is $750.00 ($125.00 per session x 6 = a total savings of $300.00).

We address all of your dog's needs from health and nutrition to emotional well being and environment. It is only through a holistic approach to dog training that you will have a happy dog who is well adjusted to domesticated life.

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